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Insurance Loss Assessors
Working on your behalf  when making an insurance claim on your home policy.
Leave your claim in the hands of the professionals to ensure your best settlement.

Welcome to Bedford Loss Assessors Ltd

Stress Free Claims Management

As public loss assessors, we provide a claims handling service for your home or business.  We will take the stress away by handling every aspect of your claim and negotiate the best possible settlement under the terms of your insurance policy.


Bedford Loss Assessors Ltd are based in Dublin, but we can help with your insurance claim no matter which part of Ireland you live in.

We provide a no settlement, no fee service. 

Please call us for a free initial assessment with no obligations to engage our services.

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Insurance Assessor

What is an Insurance Assessor?

In Ireland, an Insurance Assessor or Loss Assessor, is an insurance specialist who will handle your Insurance claim from first notification to final settlement. They will carry out the following on behalf of the homeowner:

  • Carry out an initial survey of the damage

  • Review your insurance documents to ensure you have the correct cover in place

  • Notify your Insurance company of the claim

  • Carry out a joint inspection of the damage with the Loss Adjuster

  • Agree a scope of repairs with the Loss Adjuster

  • Prepare a claim schedule and submit the claim to the Adjuster

  • Negotiate the best possible settlement on behalf of the homeowner

  • Ensure that the Insurance company acts in a time sufficient manner

  • Ensure that all payments from Insurers are made correctly and on time

What is a Loss Adjuster?

A Loss Adjuster is appointed by your Insurance Company to act on their behalf in relation to the claim.  Their role is to make sure that the incident is covered by the terms of the policy and to “Adjust” your claim once it is submitted.  As you can imagine, this adjustment is always a reduction in your claim, and not an increase!

It is the role of your Insurance Assessor to ensure that the correct claim is submitted and that the Adjuster does not adjust the claim which puts you at a loss. 

What does an Insurance Assessor cost?

At Bedford Loss Assessors, we charge the standard Loss Assessing fee of 10% plus VAT of the settlement figure.  We do not charge a fee for any initial call and survey.  We operate on a “no settlement offer, no fee” basis.  

We are happy to call out to any property in Ireland and give a free survey of the damage / incident and to talk the claim over.  

Why do I need a Loss Assessor?

It is possible to manage your own insurance claim without engaging a Loss Assessor. However, it would not be in your best interests. The Loss Assessor brings years of experience, expertise and professional knowledge which the lay person would not have.

Bedford Loss Assessors have years of experience working in Ireland for both homeowners and Insurance Companies and have an in-depth knowledge of how the claims process operates.  It is essential to present your claim in a clear and detailed format which is easy for the Adjuster to review. The faster and more coherent your claim submission is, the quicker you will receive your settlement cheque. 

Not to mention a loss incident such as a fire or flood can be a very stressful and emotional time for anybody. By engaging an Insurance Assessor it can greatly reduce the stress and allow you to concentrate on your loved ones, home and job.

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