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About Us

Based in Dublin Ireland, Bedford Loss Assessors Ltd are Public Loss Assessors and Claim Consultants which process property insurance claims for the domestic and commercial markets.


We act on the behalf of the Policyholder in negotiating with their insurance company and ensuring that they receive their full entitlement under the terms of their policy contract.


We handle every aspect of the claim, from initial inspection of the damaged property, compiling a detailed bill of quantities for claim submission, negotiating every detail of the claim, and agreeing final settlement with Insurers’ nominated Loss Adjuster.

Bedford Loss Assessors Ltd are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and our Financial Regulator Certificate number is C490518.

A Public Loss Assessor or Claims Consultant must be regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland in order to handle an insurance claim.

Unregulated Individuals or companies who practice loss assessing or claims management are not entitled to do so and will not be recognised by Insurers or their appointed Adjusters.

Conor Bedford has been a member of the Insurance Institute of Ireland for over 16 years.  The Insurance Institute of Ireland is a community of insurance professionals with a purpose of enhancing career development and facilitating lifelong learning. As a member, you have access to extensive resources and membership benefits including CPD eLearning, exclusive resources,  insurance lectures, and updates on insurance legislation law reform.

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Conor Bedford   |      Owner

Conor Bedford, BEng CIP, has over 15 years experience in the Insurance claims handling industry.  Conor graduated from Dublin Institute of Technology, Bolton Street, with a Degree in Manufacturing Engineering and a Diploma in Integrated Maintenance Technology.  Conor proceeded to join GAB Robins Loss Adjusters in 2006 where he spent the following 3 years learning his trade as an Insurance Loss Adjuster and qualified as a Certified Insurance Practitioner (CIP).


Conor joined McLarens’ Loss Adjusters in 2010 were he spent the following 6 years as a commercial and domestic loss adjuster.  This role involved handling high value and complex losses as well traveling abroad to assist international offices such as the London Riot claims of August 2011.


Conor turned his hand to loss assessing in 2016 and has dealt with all aspects of domestic and commercial claims, from minor leaks to major house fires, as well as business interruption claims for all types of businesses.


Conor’s experience of having worked on both sides of the insurance claims industry, loss adjusting and loss assessing, gives him a unique insight into how the claims handling process operates from start to finish.

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Our loss assessors are based in Dublin, Ireland. We are here to help.

Let us know more about your situation so we can assist with your claim. 

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