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Rebuild Cost Calculator

Calculate Your Irish House Rebuild Costs

Whilst many Irish insurer’s websites provide on-line rebuild cost calculators, these tools are not specific to any type of construction, design or materials.


We provide a service where we survey your home and calculate the correct figure to insure your home in Ireland.


It is important that the sum insured on any building is accurate to avoid under-insurance issues in the event of any claim.


“One in six claims made to a leading home insurance provider is not being paid in full because policyholders have not factored in skyrocketing building costs when they renew their premiums, new research shows.”


The assessment is carried out at your home where we calculate the cost to rebuild the property by applying a rate per square metre, calculated from building statistics, while making adjustments for specific design and construction of your home. 


We charge €150 (ex VAT) for our assessments and will have the results the same day.


Please contact us for further information.

Contact us

Our loss assessors are based in Dublin, Ireland. We are here to help.

Let us know more about your situation so we can assist with your claim. 

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