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Commercial Claims

Commercial Claims

Any disturbance which leads to a claim can cause a loss of income and even closure of a business.  It is important to have the correct policy in place and to understand the specific endorsements (clauses) that may apply to that policy.

We have dealt with many Business Interruption claims and have ensured that our clients have received their full entitlement when it comes to a loss of gross profit and property damage. 

The recent Covid 19 pandemic as shown us how many Insurance Companies have attempted to deny liability and not compensate businesses due to the closure of an insured peril such as a notifiable disease.

Always consult with a Loss Assessor to ensure that you are represented correctly and there are no delays in getting your business back operating to full capacity.  

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Our loss assessors are based in Dublin, Ireland. We are here to help.

Let us know more about your situation so we can assist with your claim. 

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