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Theft and Burglary

Burglary Claims

A break-in at your home can be very stressful and feel very intrusive on your life.  Gone are the days when burglars break into your home and remove the television sets, DVD players, etc.  These days most burglars are in search of cash and gold jewellery which they can sell very quickly.


Usually, the burglars will ransack your home and cause damage through the house while looking for the cash and jewellery which can lead to expensive repairs.

Locking your internal doors usually leads to the intruders smashing them down to find what you’re protecting.    Our advice would be to keep any precious jewellery and cash in a safe.  Photographing your jewellery will also assist in identifying and valuing your jewellery when it comes to making a claim.

When it comes to your policy, there are limits to what Insurers will pay for high-risk items, cash and specified items.  Always consult with a professional loss assessor before making a claim to ensure that you are reimbursed to your full entitlement.

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