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Residential Claims

Residential Claims

Almost every home in Ireland will have a Home Insurance policy.  This can be a homeowner’s insurance policy, a tenant’s contents policy, or an apartment owner’s block building policy which is taken out by the management company.

This policy is broken down under two main headings, Buildings and Contents. 

Buildings refers to the physical structure of the building such has the foundations, floors, walls, ceilings, roof, etc.  It also includes the kitchen units, timber flooring, bathroom suite and so on.   

Contents refers to all your personal possessions in your home such as, sofas, television sets, beds, clothing, jewellery, sports equipment, etc.

Your policy will also cover the cost of alternative accommodation should your home become uninhabitable due to damage caused by an insured peril (IE, fire, storm, water damage, etc).

A list of the most common insured perils are as follows:

·        Fire, Explosion, lightning, Smoke

·        Storm & Flood

·        Escape of water from a fixed water apparatus or appliance

·        Theft

·        Escape of oil

·        Impact damage

·        Malicious damage

·        Accidental damage

·        Subsidence

When making a claim, it is critical to understand want peril your claim falls under and the limitations and small print of the policy.

Always consult a claims expert before making a claim. 

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